Eating right is Science, Miils makes it Easy!

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Why Miils?

Help with everyday food choices!

Ever wondered about the content of the food on your plate? Us too. That's why we build Miils, to provide transparency in food, help you reach your daily nutritional targets and get suggestions about that same old question "what should I eat today".

Miils' meal suggestion and personalized nutrition solutions helps you to make right food choices everyday. Miils understands you as individuals and helps you make healthier choices on everyday meals. We take into consideration your lifestyle, allergies, diets and personal preferences.

For partners

Digitizing Nutrition and Meal Planning

Miils APIs for meal planning, content creation and online-ordering are designed for companies in Wellness, Food and Retail industry. We provide your customer a fully digitized and personalized food suggestion experience! Ask more about Miils! We will help your customers make better food choices!

Miils APIs are designed for your Company if you're looking to…:

  • Personalize nutritional information, meal planning and food suggestions
  • Create and promote your content in online grocery and meal ordering services
  • Grocery and meal ordering plug-in and digital infrastructure to manage it

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What do our users say about us?

"Today, evaluating the nutritional quality of food is surprisingly difficult for people! With Miils, you can easily follow that daily nutrient needs are fulfilled. It's great that Miils has been developed to help both professionals and consumers."
Hanna Partanen
Nutritionist Author & consultant
"I use Miils to design recipes and meal plans for different user groups. I think Miils is a great tools for keeping track, that the planned meal fulfill the target audiences real nutritional needs!"
Jouni Toivanen
Owner & Chef of a Michelin star restaurant
Restaurant & Food consultant
"I love using Miils to plan high-protein and low sugar meal plans to support my trainning."
Miils user
Health & Fitness enthusiastic